Frequently Asked Questions

All creatives are being reviewed within 24 hours. As soon as the creative is approved, the traffic will start immediately.

The minimum deposit amount is $1000.
  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Crypto payments
  • Bank Transfers
Yes, you can limit the campaign budget. Under budget option you can set: ASAP or EVEN. ASAP pacing means you will get the traffic due to your daily budget as soon as possible, while EVEN pacing means the traffic will be spread evenly during 24 hours/hours chosen in the timetable. Generally ASAP budget pacing is highly recommended in the following situations:
  1. If your campaigns do not meet daily budget goals.
  2. There are whitelists/source sampling/any other features within campaign settings which reduce the amount of traffic significantly.
The minimum budget is $5.

Allowed macros:

[CLICK_ID] – returns a unique click ID
[MACMD5] – returns Mac MD5 hash
[IFA] – returns a device IFA
[HTTP_REFERER] – returns HTTP referrer of the visitor
[DOMAIN] – returns the domain name
[IMPRESSION_ID] – returns a unique impression ID
[USER_ID] – returns a unique ID of the visitor
[BID_PRICE] – returns winning price of the impression
[CAMPAIGN_ID] – returns a unique campaign ID in our system
[CREATIVE_ID] – returns a unique creative ID in our system
[SSP_ID] – returns a unique SSP ID
[PUBLISHER_ID] – returns a unique ID of the publisher that can contain several websites
[SITE_ID] – returns a unique website ID
[PLACEMENT_ID] – returns a unique ad placement ID
[COUNTRY] – returns a country name
[SOURCE_ID] – returns a unique ID of the traffic source consisting of publisher ID + “:” + site ID + “:” + placement ID
[KEYWORD] – returns a keyword (if any)

[UNENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT] – Returns unencoded click redirect
[ENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT] – Returns encoded click redirect
[DBL-ENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT] – Returns double encoded click redirect
[RANDOM_NUMBER] – Returns a random number
[BID_ID] – Returns unique bid ID

Please pass click ID – [CLICK_ID] – in one of the available UTM parameters to avoid clicks discrepancy.


Go to Reports > Segments > Domains.

Yes, we do. Please visit our Money Back Guarantee page for more information.
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